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August 2012

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Just a quick update

I really don't want this journal to fall to the wayside as it did in the past, so... to quickly update:

PT's Birthday
Celebrated Philip's birthday at Ten Bistro on the 2nd, enjoying company of new and old friends.  It cool to gather up a group of individuals to celebrate.  Philip seemed pleased by the turnout and by the graciousness of our new friends.  Some folks who I expected would come had other obligations, which was disappointing, but I am grateful, nonetheless for the turnout.  Planning events like that makes me extremely anxious.

Following the move to the new Outpatient Clinic at 10 Park Pl. I have noticed the beginning trends of positive changes happening with the ACT Team.  Unrestricted by space and with more time, I noticed that we are able to pay more attention to the details such as treatment planning, and utilizing curriculum to help our consumers.  My cubicle is the envy of the third floor, gaining attention as I used my private little knick-knacks to give it a special charm.  My latest project was assembling the CBT For Psychosis Therapist's Manual and related Resource Guide to help the other clinicians on the team have some material to work with consumers.  I plan to introduce it tomorrow.

Just got back from watching my cousin graduate.  After many years and many major changes, Kelly has finally gotten the degree she worked hard for, and I am so proud of her!  Following Friday's graduation ceremony, I got dinner with Aunt Jackie, and Vickie.  Then Saturday, Kelly, Vickie, the girls, Chad, Keith, and a group of others did a spectacular dinner event at The Brown Derby Roadhouse.  Later, Everett and Jared gathered out to celebrate Kelly's graduation with cocktails and dancing followed by late-nate Denny's madness. When Sunday rolled around I was sad to say good-bye as there were many folks in Ohio I wanted to see, but limited time made it tough to do so.  To all of those who I missed out on seeing, I can only hope that a future trip to Ohio yields a bit more time to get the visiting done.  Sunday afternoon, despite some airport-related-trouble, I managed to board my flight and make it back to Atlanta.  I road MARTA for the first time along the Gold Line to Doraville, where Philip picked me up.

Despite some recent challenges, Philip and I seem to be managing well.  Without divulging too many details, I'd like to point out that every relationship is a balancing act; a series of compromises.  When things begin to tip in a more one-sided direction, what results is bitterness and resentment.  I'll admit that lately Philip has been trying very hard to keep things moving along in our relationship like a well-oiled machine, primarily by taking time to do the little things.  Likewise, I am making an effort to stay honest and communicative.  Being vigilant will keep our relationship stable, and given how much we've already put into this thing, it would be a shame to see things go sour over things as avoidable as miscommunication and failure to recognize and appreciate.  I love this man, and although things are rarely perfect, he's special to me.  Things, after all, are far from abysmal.

We adopted Ramza from Leftover Pets just as we did Mabel before him.  He's what is called a "flame point" Siamese. He's really a character.  He's actually quite hefty, and watching him flop around like a fish chasing his tail is hysterical, especially given his size.  He has a calm, sweet demeanor, and was at first intimidated by Mabel's hostility.  The two of them have been managing better, even playing a bit together.  Nice to have a snuggle kitty as part of the family. :-)

More soon.