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August 2012

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general update

Things seem to be chugging along at a steady pace. 

Work continues to be face-paced and demanding, but my recent vacation time helped re-energize my nearly-depleted psychological batteries.  Yesterday I collected the last pieces of my LAPC application from those individuals who are helping me finally become a licensed professional.  The NCE (National Counselor's Exam) looms ominously on the horizon, and I have no choice but to launch into this some five + years after the last time I opened a text book.  I did purchase a single study guide, which I hope helps me to be better prepared for the NCE.

Dragon*Con is next month.  Lately, I have been collecting components to my costume which will make this entire endeavor perhaps the most ambitious costume - project I have ever taken on.  From ice blue colored-contact lenses to exploded skin and flesh wounds, it should be really fun.  I just want it to look good - and to pay proper homage to Star Trek: The Next Generation and the introduction of the deadly "Borg" aliens.  Of course, I can't mention my own costume without mentioning echo3347's Borg Drone head-to-toe outfit, of which I am totally an accessory. One thing about the Borg is that they are rarely alone.  

I will be 30 next month.  I am not entirely sure how I feel about it.  Part of me doesn't care; as if it is just another day in the grand scheme.  Another part of me bids farewell to my twenties with no regrets, looking forward to next ten years as a professional, and hopefully, more successful individual.  ...And part of me is apprehensive, knowing that middle age looms in the not-to-distant-future.  Regardless, we can never go backward, and nothing can change that. 

Finally, I can honestly say that Phil and I seem to be doing better.  Things were touch-and-go earlier this year as various psychosocial stressors made day-to-day life challenging.  Moving to Georgia was easier for me than it was to Phil in the beginning. Today, however, we are communicating more, spending time together, and reconnecting with those important common interests which brought us together to begin with.  I imagine most relationships go through ups and downs.  That has certainly been true of every one of my past relationships, but I am pleased to say that in a couple days Phil and I will be celebrating two years together, making this now my second longest relationship by a wide margin. 

More soon.